Ok! Magazine: Entertaining Since 1993

Published: 08th April 2010
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OK! Magazine is a weekly magazine specializing in celebrity news. This magazine was originally launched as a monthly magazine. Its' first issue was published in April 1993. The magazine tends to feature exclusive interviews and personal revelations from celebrities including engagements and pregnancies.

In September 2004, OK! Publishers launched this magazine in Australia as a monthly title. After that in October 2006 it was started on weekly basis. Later on in 2005, a US version was launched, followed by an Indian edition in May 2006. A Spanish-language version was launched in Mexico in 2006, a Bulgarian-language version in 2007 and a Spanish edition in 2008.

This Magazine is the world's biggest celebrity lifestyle magazine, with more than 30 million readers worldwide, and now appears in 19 countries (America, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Greece, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East, Philippines, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey & UK). Moreover this magazine has now started a TV channel also simply name as OK! T.V.

The most famous magazine for the coverage of celebrity nuptials is now OK! Magazine. This Magazine is also one of the most popular magazines including the latest celebrities' gossips, diet tips to remain fit and healthy, daily soaps issues, fashion and style issues, issues about latest movies and their reviews and much more.

One can easily update him or her with the latest information of the things going around in the surroundings. This magazine has covered those things which are not covered in the daily newspapers and TV news channels as well.

So, OK! Magazine is the best selling celebrity gossip magazine in the USA. A new issue is released every Tuesday. The magazine itself also has two inner magazines called Hot Stars and "OK! USA". If you want to get up close and personal to the stars ought to subscribe for OK! Magazine which publishes 51 issues weekly per year.

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